Summer Glass Introduction Workshops- Sign Up Now!

Glass Axis schedules beginner summer workshops

Our beginner workshops are multi-day courses designed to give you a jump start into a new skill.  Whether it is learning how to blow and sculpt hot glass or cutting and assembling stained glass, we have something for everyone.  Additional series classes will be added upon popularity and the filling of these courses. If you’re interested in any of these introductory courses, but they are already full or you have a scheduling conflict, contact us and we can add you to the waitlist for the next available course.

Introduction to Glassblowing

Starts Jun 20 or Jul 18
Learn the glass blowing basics in this week long course. You will learn to gather molten glass from the furnace and shape it into various forms with a focus on the simple blown vessel. The instruction will focus on a team approach to glassblowing, with an emphasis on safety, proper tool use, basic techniques, and materials.  This class is appropriate for students with limited or no hot shop experience. After taking Hot Glass I and II you will be eligible to rent time in our Hot Shop on your own!

Kids Summer Camp

Starts Jun 14 or Jul 12
Drawing with Glass
This 4-day class running Tuesday through Friday 1-3 PM is a great first experience class for ages 8+ to be hands on with glass. Using glass “sprinkles” called frit, glass noodles, and glass paints, students will create unique glass masterpieces and learn a variety of techniques for making cold glass into beautiful pieces of art. This workshop not only offers a unique hands-on art activity, but it also will teach students important art lessons such as color layering and combination as well as some of the science behind glass!  Ages 8+

Introduction to Stained Glass

This week long class introduces students to the art of stained glass. First, students will work with an artist to select a manageable pattern and the right glass. Then you will learn how cut and shape the glass, foil each piece, and solder the pieces together in a frame. Basic materials provided.

Introduction to Kiln Forming

August 2-5
In this week long course students will learn the basics of fusing and slumping. You will learn to cut glass and a variety of flat fusing techniques with grit, powder, and stringers. Then you will learn to slump sheets into three-dimensional shapes such as bowls and dishes; and finally explore texture with pate de verre techniques. This course covers both the art and science of working with a kiln. No experience necessary; beginners are welcome. Ages 12+.

Introduction to Flameworking

July 25-29, August 23-26

In this week long course, students will work in a small group, each at a torch, as an artist teaches the techniques involved in making torch-worked beads, including basic shapes, tooling, dot application, and stringers. Students will also learn about preparing a mandrel and annealing your beads. A great way to create glass art without the heat of the furnace!

Introduction to Neon

In this two day course students will build on their neon foundation, learning how to bend curves and circles, create larger projects and work with color tubes. Students will also learn more about the bombarding process. Ages 16+