• September’s Free Stained Glass Demo featuring Roberta Pyle

    Roberta Pyle is well versed in stained glass as she has been creating work for the past two decades. Her stained glass features scenes of nature, influenced by the beautiful mountain scenery of West Virginia where she grew up. She also is largely influenced by horses as they have been a staple in her life since she was just 3 months old, living in West Virginia, where they lived on her parents farm and today she has three Appaloosa horses, which are a descendant from the Native American breed of choice.

    For her demonstration, Roberta will be showing how to cut and polish glass to fit together perfectly, which is necessary when creating stained glass panels. Then, she will show how she solders and connects the glass forms to create finished stained glass pieces.

    This demonstration will take place during the second Friday of the month. September 11th from 6-8pm, in line with Franklinton Fridays, which is a gallery hop of the Franklinton Arts District. Mark your calendars because this is a unique demonstration you won’t want to miss.

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