• Flameworking Fundamentals | Roger Parramore | July 9-13


    A fast paced class for those in search of a sound base on which to build, or the more seasoned flameworker in need of a review, Flameworking Fundamentals is about gaining a firm understanding of the physical nature of glass, its relationship to the flame, while developing a strong systematic approach to realizing students’ individual vision. Discussions and demonstrations will cover everything from equipment considerations, solid sculpture, understanding color, to small scale blown work, goblets and beyond. Not so much about realizing finished product, this class is about understanding the material and developing a strong sense of how to approach it along with the technical knowledge necessary to move forward.

    Class is Monday July 9th through Friday July 13th. Class each day is from 10am to 6pm. There will be a lunch break around 1pm daily. We also offer a lunch plan for only $10 a day where our staff will deliver food that you choose from various local area restaurants.

    This class is open to Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Intermediate meaning at least 1 year torch experience and some borosilicate glass experience.

    For questions and concerns, email or call 614-291-4250.

    Flameworking Fundamentals | Roger Parramore | July 9-13

    My fascination with glass reaches back some forty-one years to when I would watch the lampworkers when they came to the mall around the holiday season. The small figurines captured my imagination as I watched them come to life from the fire. Fortunately both my parents supported my interest in learning to blow glass. My father was interested in ceramics as a hobby and knew about kilns and glazes. It didn’t take much effort to interest him in building a small makeshift glass furnace. We melted glass one day, and I was hooked. My interest in glass led me to an apprenticeship in scientific glassblowing at the University of Florida. As a young teenager I would spend afternoons, evenings, summers, anytime I could, hanging around the chemistry and physics departments learning about glass or whatever the topic of conversation was. I continued my scientific glass career in Memphis, Tennessee before turning my attention to college. I attended Western Carolina University, and received my BA in Philosophy and an MA in English Literature. After teaching English at WCU for five years, my thoughts of a career teaching English turned to thoughts of being a studio artist. Leaving academics in 1995 I never looked back.

    Growing out of my experiences in the worlds of chemistry and physics, I am not only fascinated with the glassblowing process, but also glass as a material. As a result, I founded the Parramore Color Company. Color manufacturing is a playground for me to explore the world of colored glass. “Just as in his artwork, Parramore readily displays his masterful abilities when it comes to creating the material itself. His color is recognized around the world for its consistency and quality.” What began as a small pet project has grown into an entity I would have never expected. I am proud of the success Parramore Colors has enjoyed, and to realize that from my studio goes a raw material glass artists use in their works the world over is truly an amazing experience.

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