• Feathered Paperweight with Millie Fiore Accents


    Create a paperweight filled with swirling lines in a feathered pattern surrounded by a garden of flowers, using the classic Italian murrini called mille fiore, which is translated to a thousand flowers. In this special 3 hour class, you’ll start by swirling 2 colors together and then dragging a pick through them to create a wonderful feathered paperweight. Then, you will arrange of tiny glass flower murrini that will be transformed into a beautiful paperweight, just like the ones they make in Murano, Italy

    Your class will begin with a private cane pulling demonstration by Matt Paskiet as you see how cane and murrini like the ones you are using are made. Then you will get to be hands-on with the glass and the help of Matt to make your glass masterpiece.

    This one time class will take place on Thursday September 21st from 6-9pm.

    This class is sponsored in part by the Ohio Arts Council.

    Feathered Paperweight with Millie Fiore Accents

    About the Artist

    Matt Paskiet began his study of Glass Blowing at the Toledo Museum of Art and further pursued his studies at Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State, as well as Fundacio Centre del Vidre de Barcelona. After his training, Mr. Paskiet refined his skills by assisting esteemed glass artists Dale Chihuly and Dino Rosin. Ready to practice all he had learned, he returned to Toledo where he has been creating his glass for over 22 years. His work is a reflection of his unique vision, and passion inspired by his love of nature and spirituality.

    Artist Statement: “Only through trial and error did I finally realize the passion in my life: Glass and the possibilities available with glass as timeless art. As I grow with the medium, my respect grows for it as well. I have only scratched the surface of my imagination and application; the possibilities are endless.”


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