Blown Glass Witch Ball


In the 18th century Glass Witch Ball’s were believed to ward off bad energy or evil spirits, others believed the bright colors would lure evil spirits and trap them inside forever. Whether you want it for this reason or just decor this is a place to create your very own hand-made Witch Ball to show off to family and friends. Many have displayed these in their windows, on Christmas trees, on shelves in their home, or in their gardens. You’ll start by selecting bits of colored glass then dip molten glass into your color. Then, you build the ball by blowing air through the moving blowpipe as the artist shapes the glass with advanced tools. During the shaping process, you will work with the artist to poke glass into the globe, creating the locked-in strings.  Afterward, it is removed from the blowpipe and a glass loop is added. After your artwork is complete it is placed in an oven to begin the slow cooling process, and is ready for pick up in three days or may be shipped for an additional fee within the US and Canada. Please read our cancellation policy. For groups of 4 or more please contact hello

Ages 10 and up.

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