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The warm shop includes several of our studios: Torchworking (a/k/a lampworking), kiln working (also called fusing), and neon. The studio is called warm because the glass is heated at some point, but you’re not working with glass from the furnaces.
These classes are a little less intimidating than the hot shop. If flames are involved, they are smaller, or there might not be any flames involved.
Torchworking: Most of these classes involve making glass beads. We work with small, table-top mounted torches. Using small rods of glass (about the size of a pencil), you will use the torch to get the tip of your glass molten and then twirl the molten glass around a steel mandrel to make your bead. You can add dots, stripes, and textures to make your beads unique.
Kiln working: Also called glass fusing; these classes involve a variety of techniques with cold sheets of fusible glass. “Fusible” means the glass has been tested to ensure it can be fused together at the molecular level. You will use special tools to cut sheets of glass into shapes and arrange them into your custom designs. You may also use frit, which is small granules of glass, to create unusual effects in your piece. We also have stringers (long strings of glass) and various powders you can use to enhance your piece. You may combine any number of these cold glass components to create jewelry or plates, which are then heated in our kilns to the desired temperatures to melt the sheets of glass together. The melting, or fusing, is permanent.
Neon: These classes involve heating, bending, and blowing the tubes of glass with specialized torches. Once you have created your shaped tube, our instructor will assist you with the application of neon or argon gas (called bombarding). Once this is completed, you will be able to connect your piece to a transformer and light up your art.

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