Kennedy Galleries: Art Imitates Life by Elizabeth Johnson

Art Imitates Life by Elizabeth Johnson
“Art can be fun and unexpected. A fried egg sitting, without a plate, on someone’s desk. Watching a visitor stare, then tentatively sniff or touch something to see if it’s real. Johnson uses glass as a medium for troupe l’oeil, and this exhibit showcases the eye-fooling magic that comes from her mastery of techniques and materials”.
This show will run March 11th through April 23rd. There will be an opening reception during Franklinton Fridays on March 11th from 6-8pm, refreshments will be provided.
Johnson is an established glass artist featured in numerous galleries across the United Sataes and internationally. She has been published in several glass books including 1000 Beads and Contemporary Glass Art. She currently resides in Boulder, Colorado where she makes her hyperrealistic glass artworks using both the torch and pate de verre processes. The subject of a lot of her work is of different fruits especially berries. Johnson’s love of berries stems from her childhood and memories of berry picking.
“I adore fruit, especially berries. I like to look at them, touch them, smell them, eat them. I wanted to be ables to wear them and decorate with them too! Since I also love glass and work with it as my favorite art medium, it seemed logical to make fruit out of glass. Simple, right? Until I discovered that nobody in the world was making lifelike berries out of glass. I couldn’t find anyone to teach me so I had to figure out how on my own. It took awhile.
After many, many attempts I manages to make the first glass raspberry that looked real. I made several more glass raspberries, strung them on a wire and wore them as a necklace. When people stopped me in the street to ask how I kept the raspberries from staining my blouse, I knew I was on the right track. Since then I have taught myself to make many other berry varieties and have developed this into a line of jewelry. The jewelry and the glass berry sculptures are sold in galleries around the country, and have found homes with other berry lovers as far away as Moscow and South Africa.
I discovered that, like me, most people have some happy childhood memories of berry picking. Whether it was blackberries, blueberries or gooseberries, we all remember the heat of the sun, the sticky fingers, the smell of the war berries and the incredible explosions of taste that made all the mosquito bites and thorn scratches worthwhile. Many of us also associate those memories with lost family members, because I picked blueberries with my beloved Nana, they will always make me think of her.
Even young people who weren’t privileged to go berry picking when they were young love the sensual appeal of berries- their brilliant colors, luscious shiny or velvety skins, tastes and fragrances. Berries speak to us of abundance and healthy pleasures. I want my glass berries to help you capture some of those pleasures in a permanent form.”
For more information and images of her incredible work visit her website
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