• Nancy Callan at Glass Axis

    Nancy Callan In Columbus

    September 25th, 2015


    Seattle based glassblower, Nancy Callan was in town last week for the opening of her exhibition at Hawk Galleries in downtown Columbus and agreed to come to Glass Axis to demonstrate her glassblowing talents.


    Hawk Galleries welcomed Nancy’s work displaying her numerous glass objects, including her clouds. While in Columbus, Nancy also visited the Glass Club at Ohio State for a demonstration and lecture as she always tries to spread her knowledge to students and glassmakers of all levels because it was in the  university that she was exposed to glass for the first time.


    (Nancy arranging her murrine for her top. Photo by: Alexandra Fresch)


    Nancy did two glassblowing demonstrations at Glass Axis. The first was a free afternoon demonstration where she created one of her iconic murrine tops. For her second, Nancy had a sold out crowd for the evening demonstration at Glass Axis where she created one of her signature cloud pieces out of amber and white cane colors. She had wonderful local assistants made up by the staff and artists at Glass Axis, along with a couple grad students from Ohio State and an instructor from CCAD.


    (Nancy Callan and her team at Glass Axis. Photo by: Rex Brown)


    Her inspiration for these clouds comes from all over the place. In a lecture I heard from Nancy at Haystack School of Crafts this past summer, sometimes simple influences such as people’s clothing are her inspiration for the patterns, lines, and colors she uses. However, for her blown tops, bees and stingers, she is directly influenced by her love of comics and toys. Nancy creates a variety blown glass forms such as cane tops, cacti, orbs, bees and stingers, and lots of other fun pieces. She said she wants to bring joy to others through her work and I’d say her fun and vibrant pieces definitely accomplish that goal.


    (Photo by: Kelsey Peterson)

    Nancy enjoyed being in Columbus for the past few days to do glassblowing demonstrations and spread her love and knowledge of glass and we loved having her! She is such a beautiful person that is kind to everyone she meets and brings life to the party wherever she goes. She makes anyone she spends time with feel like they’ve been friends forever and we hope to see her back in Columbus soon.









    (Nancy working on her blown glass cloud. Photos by: Bill Hamilton)

    For more images of Nancy Callan’s glassblowing demonstrations visit our Glass Axis Facebook page’s photo albums.

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