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    Brian Becher


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    Brian Becher has been working with glass since 1999. He is a graduate from the Ohio State University, where he earned a bachelors in fine arts degree. He has studied five times at the Pilchuck glass school, as well as Penland School of crafts, and the Corning museum of glass. Brian has studied and worked with a multitude of artists, thus cultivating and rounding out his personal aesthetic. Brian’s work primarily revolves around Venetian techniques.






    Erinn Bessler


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    “Erinn has an extensive background in the art of glass blowing, leading instructional workshops and producing beautiful works of art glass for display and sale. Erinn is a 2009 graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design. She has received scholarships to study at The Corning Museum of Glass, Penland School of Crafts and Pilchuck Glass School. In 2009, she received an Honorable Mention in the AICUO Excellence in the Visual Arts Awards. Over the years, Erinn’s work has been exhibited throughout Ohio.

    Most recently, Erinn acted as the Lead Gaffer, Studio Manager and Instructor for Crystal Traditions located in Tiffin, Ohio. Crystal Traditions is a glass factory dedicated to keeping Tiffin’s glass heritage alive through on-site demonstrations of glass blowing, hand cutting crystal and sand carving. At Crystal Traditions, Erinn produced art glass for the gallery, demonstrated and narrated the art of glass blowing to tourists, wrote class curricula and instructed introductory glassblowing workshops.”

    Bio & image #1 source: The Works
    Image #2 source: One Tank Trips






    Theresa Cress

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    Jim Delange

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    Jim grew up in Iowa with an interest in photography and stained glass. After training in photography for two years, he free lanced for twenty years. In addition, he has enjoyed working with stained glass for the past 25 years. Jim became interested in hot glass in 1999, but was unable to pursue it until taking a class at the Springfield Museum of Art in 2007. After the first class, he knew that hot glass was going to become a passion. After further classes at Glass Axis in Columbus, he is now able to expand his passion for hot glass to the point of sales and starting this web site. Jim hopes to build interest in glassblowing and to continue creating enjoyable glass pieces.







    Trevor Fruchey

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    Trevor is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design. Trevor emphasized in glass casting and glass blowing with a bachelors in fine art. Since CCAD, Trevor continued to receive his masters of fine art at the Rochester Institute of Technology.







    AJ Gelpi

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    Anthony Gelpi is a full time studio artist and has been working with glass since 1996. He lives and works in Columbus, Ohio. Anthony has studied at many glass schools and factories learning his craft including Pilchuck Glass School, The Studio at the Corning Museum, Glass Axis, Planas Viau in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti in Murano, Italy. Anthony has exhibited internationally and currently shows in many prominent galleries and museums. “I got into this business to discover all of what glass has to offer, and the possibilities are limitless. My designs are traditional in coloring but contemporary in form and consistently evolving.”







    Lisa Horkin

    Horkover Glass

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    Lisa is an Ohio glass artist with a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design.  Her focus at CCAD was in painting and she also did ceramics as well as some glass blowing. For years she worked with textile, mixed media, exhibiting, lecturing, and teaching. Since 2002 Lisa has been using glass as means of creative expression. Lisa is currently creating bracelets and pendants with hand made glass beads, and sterling silver components as well as blown glass vases, bowls, and tumblers.







    Andy Hudson

    Andy Hudson, EdD
    5192 Hitesman Way
    Columbus, Ohio 43214


    “What you respond to in any work of art is the artist’s struggle against his or her limitations.”  Saul Steinberg

    Andy HudsonTree Weights 2011











    Dr. Andy Hudson first became interested in blowing glass in 1967 as a fine art student at East Tennessee State University, when he visited the fledgling glass blowing program at Penland Craft School in North Carolina. He was immediately taken with the ability to pull molten glass out of a tank and inflate it with air, shaping it into any form imaginable. Andy has been blowing glass since 1987, first through the Creative Activities Program at The Ohio State University, then as a continuing education student in the OSU Department of Fine Arts Glass Program and since 1992 at Glass Axis.

    Andy has an extensive background as an illustrator, photographer, videographer, and designer. He has worked at four universities ( East Tennessee State University, University of Tennessee, Tennessee Technological University, and Ohio State University) as a media specialist, designing and developing educational programs, videotapes, films, and educational television. Before retiring he was Associate Director of Education for the College of Medicine at The Ohio State University.

    Red Viva Colori Vase 2009Andy is now a full-time artist and glass blower. His work runs the full range from blown objects, to highly-decorative sand-blasted vessels, to cast glass and neon sculptures, to mixed media sculptures including wood, steel, neon, and found objects.  His work has been featured in the Columbus Dispatch and in Dialog magazine, and has been described as everything from “unnecessarily sadistic and painful to look at” to “consummate glass art”, “his experimentation is in the realm of what the properties of glass do and do well”, and his approach to glass has been described as “working without a net immersion”. His work in an Ohio Art League Exhibition was described as “one of the wittiest and most subtle” works in the show.

    Andy devotes considerable time and energy to glass and art organizations. He was one of three co-founders of the first Glass Axis studio. Andy was integrally involved in planning, designing, building, and funding central Ohio’s first not-for-profit public access glass studio. He has been a member and Secretary of the Glass Axis Board of Trustees and is a frequent teacher and demonstrator. He is a charter member of the Roy G Biv Gallery and Acme Art Co, and has been a member of the Glass Art Society, the American Craft Council, the Ohio Art League, the OSU College of Art “Art Partners” and founding member of the College of Medicine’s “Medicine and the Arts Board”.  He is an art collector with primary interests in folk and outsider art with over 1,000 pieces.

    Seattle Beach Glass 2011In addition to his own work and his involvement in glass and arts organizations, Andy is a videographer and has produced several glass blowing documentaries including: Wes Hunting: Breaking Glass Traditions, Bill Gudenrath: Beginning and Advance Glass Blowing, Dragon Stem Goblet, and Chalk Talk, Petr Novotny’s (internationally known Czech glass blower) Midwest demonstrations and workshops, and Tom Kreger: Deathware Blow. In addition he created a documentary in collaboration with Barb Vogle entitled Metro Murals with a grant from the Ohio Arts Council that documents the murals of Columbus outsider artists Smokey Brown and Jim Beody (a.k.a. Goblinhood).

    Images: Andy Likes Color, Tree Weights 2011, Red Viva Colori Vase 2009, Seattle Beach Glass 2011












    John Mascazine

    “I’m a science teacher at heart and geology helped spark my interest in natural form and function in rock layers and mineral specimens. I have always been intrigued by stained glass windows and eventually took up the copper foil method of stained glass crafting. Later, I purchased a kiln and began working with fused glass as well. Now my interest is in combining these two forms into single pieces of art.”


    McCormack and Figg

    Jenn Figg and Matthew McCormack began collaborating in 2009, after recognizing mutual interests in energy, technology and the environment. They use a variety of materials including glass, textiles, metal, sound, video, and electronics to investigate the connections between ecology, industry, science and identity. Recent sculptures and installations explore sustainable kinetics as landscape, performance, and spiritual intervention.

    fern_02 mushroom_001 tillandsia_02





    Rod Sounik


    Rodney Sounik is one of the founding members of Glass Axis and continues to make work at and support Axis. His work has been exhibited regionally and nationally since 1986.  He was selected for the Ohio Craft Museum Best of Show exhibition five times and his work is part of the permanent collections at the Boston Children’s Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital, and the Columbus Courthouse, to name a few.







    Cathy Tietz-Boring

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    “I have been working with clay and glass for more than 25 years. I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a BFA in ceramics and took my graduate studies from Ohio State University. My work can be viewed through art shows, some galleries and by appointment at my studio.”







    Dennis Walker

    Glass by Dennis Walker

    A Computer Programmer / Engineer, Walker first got the glass bug watching a demonstration in 2009 at the Toledo Museum of Art. That spring he ran into Jim DeLange at a Yellow Springs Art Sale, and Jim shared how he started out at the Springfield Museum of Art and then Glass Axis.   A few weeks later Walker took his first Glass Blowing Class at Springfield with Aimee Sones, and in the summer and fall took Glass 1 & 2 at Glass Axis. Since then he’s been working at Springfield and Glass Axis.







    Kami Westhoff (Meighan)

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    Born and raised in Ohio, Kami Westhoff (Meighan) is an innovative, conceptual artist who explores balance and youthful curiosity in her sculpture.  She received her MFA from The Ohio State University and completed her BFA at Bowling Green State University.  Kami has shown her work in various juried and invitational shows both nationally and internationally including The University of Southern Australia in Adelade, Australia, The International Society of Spanish Culture in Iquitos, Peru.  Hawk Galleries in Columbus, Ohio and Vetri International in Tacoma, Washington currently represent her glasswork.