• Meet Qisha!

    Qisha is one of our newest interns who has already made a tremendous impact at Glass Axis.


    It’s been three weeks since the semester ended and I’ve worked at Glass Axis as a design intern. I’ve just finished my junior year at Columbus College of Art & Design wherein during those last few months I frantically searched for an internship where I could put my skills to use for projects that will actually be produced and put out into the world. Although I was hoping to land a design studio internship where I could experience the world of advertising and graphic design to the fullest, the opportunity at Glass Axis has been equally satisfying.

    Here, I’ve met people who are not only passionate about glass art but also truly care about the creative community in Columbus. I love that everyone who works here takes time out to make something in the studio. Even the interns are encouraged to make some glass – plus, one of the perks of working here is that for every 10 hours we work, we get an hour in the studio free. Personally, I can’t wait to make a glass dome paperweight. When done right, there’s something utterly captivating in the way the shattered glass (called frit, if I have my terms correct) twists and turns in the clear globe.


    In terms of the actual work I do here, I’ve designed three print collaterals so far: a brochure and two takeaway pieces. It might not be a comprehensive ad campaign but it has definitely challenged my problem solving skills to organize a lot of information in a way that is still appealing to read.

    During breaks I like to walk around the gift shop we have out front to see pieces that our member artists have created. Their creations range from small charms to vases or plates; it’s an interesting variety and mix. My next goal is probably to hang around the workshop a little more to really get in on the glass making action. Just last week one of the artists, Andy, created an absolutely glowing ball of orange glass with tree cut-outs implemented inside. I didn’t actually get a chance to see it in person but a picture of it is up on our Facebook and Instagram.


    All in all, interning at Glass Axis has been a good start to the summer and I’m looking forward to finding out more about glass art as it’s the perfect chance for me to get away from the computer a bit!

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