Intermediate & Advanced Summer Workshop Sessions Open!

Combining Lamp, Fused,
& Furnace-Worked GlassFurnace-Worked Glass
Jeremy Burdge
June 25 & 26
All Levels

In this class, you’ll begin with a demonstration of pulling cane at the furnace. Then, you’ll take the furnace cane into the lampworking studio and learn to pull it into leaves, flowers and other decorative elements. You’ll also learn about glass cutting and fusing as we assemble, layer, and fire these elements together to make jewelry and other small projects. Basic fusing and lampworking principals will be discussed. Class is from 10am-4pm both days. No glassworking experience is required, though any hot glass experience is helpful; experienced students are welcome.

Blowing Flat Glass for
Stained & Fused Glass
Tyler Kimball
July 7-10
This class will teach students how to create their own flat glass in the versions of blown rondels, muff glass (cylinders slumped open), and even some old techniques rarely used anymore like Norman Slabs. A short history behind blown flat glass will be provided as well. The process demonstrated and taught during the workshop could translate to any community access glassblowing. Students will come out of this class with a better understanding of how blown glass can transform into two-dimensional art glass. Students should come out of this workshop with loads of flat glass that they made with their very hands to incorporate into their next stained glass panels or kiln-formed work. Some experience with flat glass is beneficial.


Advanced Glass Color Techniques
John Miller
July 13 & 15
During this 3-day intensive course, students will learn how to choose and apply color in the hot shop to achieve various textural and visual appearances. John Miller will share his knowledge and experience with color application that has helped him create his gigantic glass food that looks identical to the real thing. This course is designed for those of an intermediate or advanced level in the hot shop.
Cast on Castaway
Jacci Delaney
August 8-12
All Levels
Kiln & Hot Casting
This class will focus on kiln casting and hot casting. Using clay, plaster, and silica students will learn how to construct molds and the entire mold making and casting processes. This class will utilize both molten glass out of the furnaces and cold glass nuggets to make the castings. Then after learning both processes, we can compare the similarities and differences and using this knowledge make two final molds. Some cold working techniques will also be covered. Students will make 4 total castings. All levels welcome.