• Glass Axis is Moving!

    East Franklinton is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and is experiencing a resurgence. With COSI—one of the nation’s premier science museums —already established as an anchor and the area’s wealth of space for innovation, this region is well on its way to becoming a hub for local, regional and national artists and trendsetters.
    Glass Axis was instrumental to the regrowth in the Arena District and the Grandview area. We are dedicated to improving our city. By moving to Franklinton, we are establishing ourselves in what will become the must-see epicenter of arts and science in Columbus.


    Our move to Franklinton is a response to our ongoing commitment to supporting and expanding educational opportunities in the Columbus area. Our new facility will have a more efficient and modern design, allowing us to be better stewards of the environment and our resources, and enable us to improve our immediate community.

    The Glass Axis expansion will:
    • Include a partnership with Brioso Coffee, bringing locally roasted coffee
    • to Franklinton
    • Enable exciting new partnerships and collaboration with the city’s other art and science programs, including The Columbus Idea Foundry and COSI.
    • Add 2,000 square feet for learning and space for special event programming
    • Create a dynamic cutting-edge interactive exhibition space

    These improvements will significantly impact our artists, students, and the Franklinton community by: 

    • Expanding our glass art curriculum including community programming, classes for disabled adults, underserved area youth,
      interns, and residents
    • Responding to the area’s growing need for more studio space
    • Contributing to environmental sustainability by repurposing an existing building and incorporating engineering innovations into our infrastructure


    Support from The Columbus Foundation and the State of Ohio have demonstrated that they actively support our move and expansion. Still, there is a great need for community contributions, as the project and cost information demonstrate. Sustaining donations of $875,000 will allow us to accomplish all of the expansion plans outlined above, ensuring that the Columbus area will have continued and improved access to the glass art opportunities we provide.


    Glass Axis is a self-sustaining, nonprofit art center dedicated to providing artists, students, and community members the tools to create innovative works in glass while learning, sharing and teaching. We are the only comprehensive glass art center in the region. Over the past 27 years, we’ve grown from 10 to 140 members, occupied two different locations, and have positively impacted our community. By bringing internationally recognized artists and thousands of patrons to our facilities each year, we promoted economic development in the Arena District and Grandview as these neighborhoods transitioned into the flourishing cultural centers they are now.
    Our aim is twofold: to promote glass artistry and cultural equity. We accomplish this by providing a world-class glassmaking facility to our members and offering hundreds of classes and public programs each year, high school and college internship programs, job skills training for disabled adults, and a work-for-credit program that keeps artists in the studio.


    • Member artists, through facility rentals and opportunities to sell and exhibit work.
    • Local school systems and students, through our school programs and tours.
    • Artists with disabilities, through our GlassworksTM program.
    • Students from Columbus-area high schools, The Ohio State University, and Columbus College of Art and Design, through our internship program.
    • Columbus’s tourism industry, by bringing visitors to our city and by providing art experiences for people who are already touring our region.
    • You. Whether you participate in a First Experience class, attend a Last Saturday Demonstration, visit our gallery, or take in the glass fashion show at our Glassquerade, Glass Axis has something for everyone.


    We’ve outgrown our Grandview facility. Our W. Fifth Avenue location does not have the dedicated space for kiln-casting and flame-working the artists in our region need. Meanwhile, audiences for our demonstrations and private events routinely exceed our current location’s capacity. While local high schools’ science departments greatly value our demonstrations and classrooms, our ability to serve them, like our desire to provide more art and science experiences for urban youth, is limited by our current location. We know we can provide more and better art experiences than we currently do, and our move to Franklinton will make us more accessible to tourists and citizens of Columbus.
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