• Free Saturday Demo: Alan Michael Barr

    Alan Barr had his education in glass art at the Ohio State University (2003) and the Centro Studio Vetro (2003) in Italy. However, even before then, Barr has had multiple exhibitions both in New York and Ohio. Prior to teaching at Glass Axis in 2004, he assisted other glass artists at OSU for three years. Of his own creations, Barr says:

    “My current artistic interest lays in fortune – not monetary – rather chance, coincidence, and destiny. It always seems that fortune is never without a sense of irony. I think anyone who’s heard Anthony Jeselnik’s comedic set on irony and death might begin to understand the thought behind some of my work. Showtime has a series called Dexter which is very good at demonstrating fortune, death, and irony. These influences have lead me to realize that death is really the only fortune that is absolute and my recent artwork has been a twist on the fact that nothing we do during life can free us from death.”

    Catch him at Glass Axis this Saturday, July 26th at 4:00pm. Demos are free and lasts roughly 2 hours.

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