• Free Last Saturday Demo Feb 28 4:00pm: Jacci Delaney

    For Jacci’s demonstration she will be doing two types of castings and showing techniques for hot glass casting in pre-made molds.

    Jacci Delaney is a Columbus, Ohio artist who specializes in glass casting. Jacci holds an MFA from The Ohio State University and a BFA with a focus in glass from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. With over ten years experience in the glass community, Jacci is comfortable in both the hot and warm shops at Glass Axis. Her work has been exhibited internationally and reflects innovative thoughts in casting, and she incorporates holograms and other materials into her work. Jacci is an instructor at Glass Axis and her experience is sure to enhance this demonstration as she enthusiastically explains each step of the process. Jacci will be doing two types of castings for her Last Saturday Demonstration.

    The first will be a hot casting and the second will be a sand casting. In a hot casting, molten glass is poured into a mold straight from the glassblowing furnaces. Jacci will be creating a large plaster silica mold and incorporating bubble wrap into its design. During a sandcasting, molten glass is again poured into the forms Jacci creates. However, instead of creating a mold, she presses her design into sand and ladles glass directly onto it. During this process, Jacci will be creating glass fashion wear that she will model during Glassquerade’s Glass Fashion Show on March 7th right here at Glass Axis. This is a great behind the scenes opportunity to watch how glass is shaped into complex forms. Then, you have the chance to come back and see how it looks, on display at the Glass Fashion Show as a finished piece of wearable art.

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