• Free Last Saturday Demo: Dec 20 4:00pm

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    For Ryan’s demonstration he will create one of his lidded forms inspired by the culture and architecture of India and South East Asia. This object will be made of up several elements that are all assembled in ascending order to create a tiered effect. The design for this object will be reminiscent of his images but re-imagined in a new light.

    Ryan Thompson was born in Sandusky, Ohio in 1989 on the coast of Lake Erie. After spending two years studying marketing at Bowling Green State University, Ryan realized that he did not want to spend his life behind a computer and he switched to a 2D Fine Arts Degree. After a semester in that program Ryan took a Glass making class and decided quickly that glass was the medium that truly spoke to him and allowed him to express himself. Ryan’s roots in craftsmanship and hard work pushed him to design, create, and re-imagine objects from his mind as well as objects from antiquity. He found that taking a 2D object and bringing it to a 3D reality, was a challenge that inspired him to always pursue the next level. That following year Ryan began teaching in Connecticut at Bucks Rock Creative and Performing Arts Camp during his summer breaks from BGSU. After 2.5 years studying glass making Ryan was in his final semester at BGSU when he was awarded the 2014 NICHE Award for functional glass. Once out of school Ryan quickly began a number of glass making jobs, including a production gaffer for FireNation Glass studio and Gallery, as well as a studio technician at the TMA Glass Pavilion. Today Ryan is living in Toledo, Ohio and constantly working to develop a body of work that bridges his passion for the medium, and his love of design.

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