Free Glassblowing Demonstration for Fantastical Creatures Exhibition

Join us Friday April 13th from 6-8pm for Franklinton Fridays the #galleryhop of the Franklinton Arts District! Our April event you won’t want to miss! We will be having our Mini Vitro gallery show on display which features glass art on a smaller scale! Every piece must be under 8″ and under $250.

There will also be a glassblowing demo by Emma Haase. She will be creating one of the monsters for our next gallery show, Fantastical Creatures, which featuring the designs of local elementary students. See the gallery show and all the creatures in it when it opens May 11th. Our artists will transform their 2D drawings into 3D glass sculptures. See one of these incredible creatures made before your eyes. Emma will be creating Slimey designed by Duxberry Park Alternative Elementary School student Christopher Davis.

Story written by Christopher Davis

(In his own words and spelling)

My creeture is from space He has slime powers and his name is slimey he loves puting every thing he sees in slime even peoples cars, vans and trucks but now he has changed.