• Franklinton Friday Free Glassblowing Demo by Ian Schmidt

    Our public glassblowing demonstration this month will be taking place on Friday March 13th from 6-8pm in line with Franklinton Fridays! So see what Franklinton has to offer and explore the great art and restaurant scene down here starting with our visiting artist demonstration by Ian Schmidt.

    Born in Toledo, Ohio Ian Schmidt has been surrounded by the glass world all of his life. The son of two glass artists he has spent his youth growing up around the craft of glass. His work in the glass field has included extensive training as a traditional glass blower. In 2010 he graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Glass and Glass Sculpture. Upon graduating he began working for the Corning Museum of Glass as a glass blower and demonstrator. Working with the museum for the last 5 years he has traveled the world working for the Glass at Sea program, a partnership with Celebrity Cruises. Ian has also trained at the Pilchuck Glass School under many different artists. Currently he has begun to make new work and exhibit pieces in different galleries throughout the Toledo and Detroit areas. This new work encompasses a decade of training in the glass field and is based on inspirations from the material itself.

     As a craftsmen of glass I am dedicated to the process of making an object. Each piece is an extension of my interests in form, pattern and glasses ability to bend light. My ambition as an artist is to create work that has a presence in a space. Influences from many aspects of my life come into the work and I see as my job to observe the world and find its reflections in each piece.
    -Ian M. Schmidt

    Schmidt will be creating a large blown glass vessel, as part of his new “Birds Nest” series. He will be using cane pick up and decoration techniques, to create his piece, along with many years of experience in glassblowing and expertise in forms. So join us for our first Franklinton Friday glass demonstration and make it a hit.

    Ian SchmidtComplex Curves #4



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