Will my husband get excited about this? He hates girly art things.

Creating art from glass is both artistic (you can make creative decisions about color, for example) and technical (you have to do the steps in the right order and use your hands and tools to manipulate the glass).  We think it’s a good fit for people of all kinds!  Think about it this way: we are creating art, but we are also playing with fire.

Do I need experience?

Our first experience classes are introductory classes that are designed for folks who have absolutely no experience. The instructor will help you through every step of the process. We also offer advanced workshops for experienced artists.

What do I sign up for?

If you have never tried glass before, try one of our first experience classes. If you want to try glass but not dive right into glassblowing, try our kiln, stained, or mosaic classes. All three of those classes involve working with glass while it is room temperature. Our torch classes are a nice in-between with a little fire, and a little molten glass, but not so intense. Our glassblowing classes involve shaping and blowing molten glass (2000 degrees F) using steel pipes and other tools.

I’m pregnant. Can I still do it?

Other than our stained glass classes, which involve the use of lead solder, the answer is generally yes.. In all of our other classes, we are not aware of anything that causes imminent danger or exposure to hazardous materials. We have had many pregnant women participate in our glassblowing classes, some the week before their due date. The most common feedback we get is that it is just too hot in the glassblowing studio. If you are unsure, consult your healthcare professional.

I’ve called 4 times and no one has returned my phone call.

We try our very best to return phone calls within a few days. We are a very small staff, with only one part time office person. Please leave a message with the best number to reach you.  Also, check our website, as the answers to our most common questions are often available here.

Who owns Glass Axis?

Glass Axis is a 501(c)(3) non profit educational institution. For more about our history click HERE. We are governed by a Board of Trustees, and daily operations run by 3 full time staff, and 3 part time staff.

Why are your classes so expensive?

We work hard to keep our prices affordable while balancing our income and expenses. It costs a lot to run a glassblowing studio! We spend about $4500-$6000 each month in utilities. Our instructors are highly trained artisans who have spent years learning this craft and we do our best to compensate them appropriately. Because our studio equipment runs at such high temperatures, repairs and safety are always a must. To buy a new glass furnace is $50,000, we need to plan accordingly.

How do I schedule my Groupon?

Call us: 614-291-4250. Our online calendar lists available Fused Plate and Jewelry classes: . Important: you must tell us at the time you schedule your class that you have a Groupon.  Have your 8digit Groupon voucher number ready to go when you call.

What’s the difference between glass fusing and glassblowing?

Glassblowing involves shaping and blowing molten glass (2000 degrees F) using steel pipes and other tools. Glass fusing involves cutting and assembling/layering cold glass and using a kiln to fuse the glass together at a molecular level and to shape the glass. 

How do I get there? Where are you located?

Located in East Franklinton on the corner of Town St and Grubb and just east of 315. Parking is West of the building off Grubb St. near the main entrance. Our street and mailing address is 610 W. Town St. Columbus, OH 43215.  For GPS directions, use the address 156 S. Grubb St. Columbus, OH 43215. It will navigate you around the one way streets to our parking lot entrance.

Do you have special holiday hours?

Yes. We are a small business that believes in allowing our staff to spend time with family and friends during the holidays. Therefore, we close for many major holidays. Classes run as scheduled. If you have made arrangement with staff to have a private event during our “off” hours, there will be an instructor. 

Can anyone do it?

In a word: yes!  Creating art from glass is both artistic (you can make creative decisions about color, for example) and technical (you have to do the steps in the right order and use your hands and tools to manipulate the glass).  We think it’s a good fit for people of all kinds!  We can accommodate many special needs and are committed to making glass art accessible to everyone who wants to try it, to the fullest extent possible.  If you have a special need or concern, call us before enrolling in a class.


Can you make me a vase?

We do accept custom commissions. Please call to schedule a time to come in and talk to us about your special project. Most small projects require a minimum of 2 or 3 months for us to complete. Larger orders of multiple vases require 3-5 months. Please do your research and be prepared with reference images of items you are trying to duplicate.

I dropped my art work. Can you fix it?

In many cases, yes.  If you saved all the broken pieces, yes, we can glue it back together. If you did not save the broken pieces, we may be able to find a creative combination of creating new parts and assembling them with the old parts. We cannot reheat your glass and melt it back together. Please call us to schedule an appointment; plan to bring your piece (even if it’s in pieces) and we will prepare a quote for the repair.  It is almost always more time consuming to repair something than it is to make a new one. Likewise, it is often more expensive to repair an object than to buy a new one. But we understand that nothing can replace the sentimental attachment to your keepsakes.  

We do not repair stained glass windows.  For these repairs, we suggest contacting  Franklin Art Glass.

Can you make me a lampshade?

Yes; however, this can be costly. Lighting fixtures are extremely difficult to make because of the precise fittings that are required. Some shops specialize in making light fixtures, and they have special tools to help them make precise pieces over and over again. Glass Axis does not have these specialty items. Therefore, we do not take commissions making sets of light fixtures or shades. If you are looking for a single piece, we may consider it, but it will likely be at least $500 and we probably cannot make an exact replica either.

Can you fix my pipe?

Nope. We don’t care what you use it for. We’re not fixing it.


Can my kids do it?

In general, our classes are safe and fun for kids ages 8 and up. Parents, you must stay with your children for the entire class.  Our classes are held in a studio where children may be hurt if they don’t listen and carefully follow rules and instructions.  If we find that a child (or any student) is behaving in an unsafe manner, we will ask that person to leave the class without a refund.

What are good classes for my kids?

For kids ages 8-12, we recommend our fusing and mosaic classes. Both of these classes involve working with room temperature (not hot) glass. There are still sharp edges on the glass, but no hot things to burn yourself on. These projects leave lots of room for creativity and creating imagery on the glass.

Can I bring my infant/ toddler with me?

You are welcome to bring your children with you. If you plan on participating in a glassblowing or ?

Can my teenager take a class without me?

All participants under age 18 must have a signed waiver from their parent or guardian prior to beginning a class.

Can my daughter have a birthday party with her friends here?

We can schedule a first experience class for a group of children. We recommend a maximum of 8 children. Parents are not required to participate, but must be present. We recommend at least a 1:3 chaperone to child ratio for ages under 12. Children are expected to listen and follow directions, not touch equipment or art unless directed, and to refrain from horseplay.


Can I do a group event?

We can schedule group events as long as you have a minimum of 6 people. We can usually schedule classes anytime between 9am and 9pm,depending on instructor and equipment availability. The cost is the number of participants times the price of the first experience class.

Why can’t I schedule my family of 5 in a regular class?

Our classes are very small. Most of our regularly scheduled classes have a maximum enrollment of 3 or 4 students per hour. Call the office and we will find a time that we can schedule you for a block that is longer than an hour.

Are there group discounts?

No. We do not offer group discounts. We offer some discounted rates to school groups for hands on experiences. Please contact the office for more information.


I need to change my scheduled class. How do I reschedule?

Please review our cancellation policy. In order to reschedule a first experience class, please contact us by phone or email. We require 48 hours notice to reschedule with out penalty. We determine the 48 hours by the time stamp on the email or voicemail.

Why are all your classes sold out?

Most of our classes only accommodate 3 or 4 students per hour. Therefore, our classes fill up very quickly. If you need help scheduling, call the office or email us.


Is it dangerous?

Yes, but we will explain the rules and steps before you begin your class.  It’s very important to listen to the instructor and follow his or her direction. . You will sign a waiver before you participate in any of our classes. You can cut and burn yourself in most of our studios if you are not paying attention.

How do I become a glassblower?

Glassblowing is a craft that requires years to become proficient at. We offer beginning series courses that will teach you the basics of glassblowing, studio procedures and safe use of our equipment. After taking these two series of glasses and with concurrence from the instructor, you can start renting the studio without direct instructor supervision. Becoming a glassblower is a process that takes hundreds and hundreds of hours of practice.

Can I bring friends to watch while I take a class? Do they have to pay?

We charge per object made for our classes. You are welcome to bring a friend or two with you. We have seating in our studios so your friends can watch.

Do I actually get to do stuff?

Yes. Our classes are hands-on. The instructor will give safety talks at the beginning of class to make sure you proceed safely.

Can I take pictures during class?

Absolutely!. Feel free to take pictures and tag Glass Axis in them when you share them on Facebook, and Instagram. Please be aware of your surroundings, as there are many tripping and burn hazards in our studios.

Do I get to take my art home with me that day?

Only the mosaic and stained glass projects can go home the same day.  All other projects need to cool overnight. Your projects will be available for pick up 3 days after your class.

I’m from out of town – how do I get my art work?

We can ship art work, usually for $20 shipping and handling. Arrange this with the office or front desk before or during your class. It usually takes 1-2 weeks after your class for us to mail your art work. It will be shipped USPS Priority Mail.

What do I actually get to do?

If you sign up for a first experience class, you will get a hands on experience. In an ornament class, for example, you will choose your  colors, apply and melt in the color and inflate your own ornament.

How soon can I take my glass art?

For most classes, you can pick up your work 3 days after your class. Kiln classes may take a couple days longer if we are running multiple kiln cycles for you. Stained glass and mosaic can go home the same day. We are open Tues-Fri 11am-6pm and Sat 11am – 4pm. Except for scheduled classes, we are closed Sundays and Mondays.

Do I need to wear special clothes?

We always recommend layers. We recommend natural fibered clothing, such as cotton, and closed-toed shoes like gym shoes or hiking boots. We DO NOT recommend taking classes in sandals, ballet flats or heels. Do not wear clothes that have long dangling pieces or fringe. You may wear short sleeves. We DO NOT recommend shorts that are shorter than knee length.

What if I forgot about safety requirements?

You sign a waiver before class starts. We will not prevent you from participating, but understand you have put yourself at higher risk for injury.

Do I need to bring anything?

Glass Axis provides all class supplies. For our multi-day, series classes, we recommend bringing a notebook to take notes.


Don’t worry. We know people are busy and we may not be easy to get to for you. We keep art on the shelves for several months. If know you’ll be out of town, we can arrange shipping (usually $20) to get your piece to you.  


Can I stop by anytime?

Please stop by during our open hours! We are open to the public Tues through Friday 11am-6pm and Sat 11am – 4pm. You can stop by anytime during those hours to talk to us or see our gallery and gift shop. Our classes are NOT on a walk-in basis. Reservations are required.

Do I need a reservation to take a class?

YES. Reservations are mandatory to take a class. Reservations need to be made at least 72 hours in advance. Often our classes sell out 2 weeks in advance. During November and December, our classes can sell out 4 weeks in advance. Please plan accordingly.

Can I come watch glassblowing?

If you have a group, you can schedule a demonstration for $60, which includes about 45 minutes of watching a glassblower make work and explain the process.  Or consider coming to one of our free public demonstrations. Our studio is available to rent to trained artists, so there may (or may not) be an artist working in the studio or classes running when you stop by. Please be courteous of working artists by not interrupting them while they work and by standing and watching from a safe distance.

Do I need to schedule a tour?

If you just want to see our studio, gallery and gift shop, no appointment is necessary. We are open regular hours just like other galleries. There may or may not be artists working in the studio when you stop by. If you would like to have a personal glassblowing demonstration, you may schedule one for $60. This will be about 45 minutes of watching a glassblower make work, while they talk about the process. The demonstration is NOT a hands-on class.


Can I have my wedding there?

Yes! Our building is available for private event rentals. Our space is very industrial, and most large equipment cannot be moved. Our maximum occupancy is 199 people. Working with catering and event planners, we can accommodate seated dinners for about 120 people. Weekday rental rates start at $500. Weekend rates start at $750.

How do I rent equipment?

You must purchase a yearly membership to rent equipment. That can be done here: If you are already a trained artist, please schedule an appointment with our Facilities Manager to provide evidence that you are trained and receive a studio orientation.  If you are new to glass, but would like to learn enough to rent studio time independently, you will need to take our Series classes. You can see those offerings here:

What does membership include?

Membership supports Glass Axis. It gives you the privilege, if qualified, to rent our studio equipment, facilities, sell in our gift shop, and participate in sales. Depending on your membership level, you can receive discounts on artwork purchases, classes, or rentals. See more details here: