Fantastical Creatures Exhibition

What happens when you mix the creative imagination of a child with the skills of a talented glass artist? A masterpiece that reminds us that our imaginations are the only limit when it comes to glass art. See what the Columbus area students dream up to be transformed into works of art in this second annual exhibit.
Exhibition opening is on May 12, 2017 6:00 to 8:00pm!  Glass Axis has partnered with St. Brendan, New Albany, Columbus Preparatory Academy, and Winchester Trail Elementary School.  Students from these schools were asked to draw an imaginary creature and write a story about it, and their teachers submitted these drawings and stories to Glass Axis. From all of these, we chose eleven designs to turn into three-dimensional pieces of glass art.

Schedule of Demos:

* all stories have been copied exactly how the child wrote them
* more demo dates will be updated as they are scheduled
March 29th @ 10:00 am
UniKong – Mateo Von Bridel – 1st Grade – Columbus Prep Academy
Oncon opona time in 100 years ago a grila and a unicorn. Unicorn saw a tonyado and got grila and unicorn! And they got mix up and turned into a unikong? Unicong can pick up eveything in the world. Like 2 million gint with his maic. And he can braek a rock with this hound! He can fly. He can stay in the water for ever he can pick up a blue whale. And he can see throo walls he can climb walls in 10 secense. His sped is 60. Then a dinisor with he’s maic he piched him up and throde him.
UniKong was created by Alex Fresch and Erinn Bessler.
The students of Columbus Prep Academy even came to watch Mateo’s creature come to life!

April 8th @ 2:00pm

Yumster – Nicholas Thompson – Age 7 – New Albany

Yumster is a food bouquet. He is yumy to eat. He has a cinamon roll body, pizza head, olive eyes, blueberry mouth, spaghetti hair, carrot arms, and banana legs. He cooks food for people when they are hungry. His job is a chef.


Yumster was created by Alex Fresch, Rose Succi, and Lisa Horkin.





April 13th @ 7:00pm

Captain Burger – Lucas Hutchins – Age 10 – Winchester Trail

Captain Burger was eating french fries when someone tried to eat him. He had to do something so he grew french fry arms. They were big bulky arms that he used to defend himself. He managed to get away. He got the name Captain Burger for being able to defend himself. Now he defends the U.S.A with is mighty fry arms. He takes pride in the U.S.A. and is a superstar in his country. His flag is a symbol of who he is.






April 19th @ 7:00pm

Slimiy – Caiden Root – Age 6 – St. Brendan

There once was a monster nameed Slimy. He liked to slime people. He uses a slime wave to slime people. The slime wave gets smaller and smaller every time he uses it. Every time it got smaller it used less slime. When it got less slime it was destructve. Then, it would not work for a while. Slimy was sad. The end.







April 20th @ 7:00pm

Rotor – Jackson Blower – Age 10 – Winchester Trail Elementary School

In 2273, German inventor Zalan Mangoler created Rotor, an autonomous robot capable of slicing materials as hard as iron with rotating rotor blades connecting Rotor’s head to it’s body. Although useful in many ways, Roto requires an extremely rare crystal called malinium (mul-lie-nee-um) in liquid form. To liquify malinium, polis a malinium crystal and burn it to 2,493 degrees fahrenheit. To completely fill Rotor’s power core, open the rhombus-shaped glass container in Rotor’s chest and pour 20 liters of liquid malinium. Also, Rotor, if put inside a shuttle, can be transported to other planets if Earth runs out of malinium. By calculation, if you wanted to purchase yourself a Rotor, it would cost you $1,235.




April 21st @ 10:00am

Fred A. Ball – Matthew Mertz – Age 9 – Winchester Trail Elementary School

Fred A. Ball is my character. Fred is a giant basketball. He is in the NBA and plays basketball with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fred has a giant red white and blue afro on his head because he is very patriotic.

Fred is a basketball that everybody uses, so he holds every record in basketball. During basketball season, Fred has a basketball game to go to every day. He is a big Lebron James fan so he wears his Lebron James’ jersey all the time, twenty-four seven.





April 27th @ 10:00am

Slimey the Cook – Eli Hiss – Age 7 – St. Brendan

Slimy is a cook. He cooks meet. People like his meet. He flings it off his nifs. Once some girls were lafing at him. Then he got mad. Then he tide them up. Then he ate them. Then two polices came to get Slimy. Slimys firiened is Eli kikt the cops. Then Slimy said thankyou Eli.








April 27th @ 5:00pm 

Ginny Bred – Camryn Ellis – 1st Grade – Columbus Prep Academy

Ginny Bred is spical because she has a star on top of her! Ginny Bred loves iceing because she ate alot and she got used to it! Ginny Bred has candy for breakfeast, lunch, dinner and the drink is chocolotte milk! Ginny Bred like fruit sometime too! Ginny Bred really really really really really likes chocolotte! Ginny Bred does candy games sometimes when she gets sad! Ginny Bred really really really really really likes sprinkels dresses alot she almost weres the dresses every single day! Ginny Bred sometimes makes mustakes and axudents, sometimes evrybody does thoose things! Sometimes Ginny Bred does candy math and art so she can be smart and color very neatly. Ginny Bred lives in a ginger bred house!




April 28th @ 6:00pm

Marc the Dowl – Anjali Janrdhanan – 1st Grade – Columbus Prep Academy

When I was walking, I saw a owl with deer antlers! I’m so exided right now! A voise said I’m a Dowl I’m right here and I saw him. I’m very speiol said the Dowl. My name is Marc. I’m a owl with deer antlers. Do you want to walk around and I said yes. I saw more and more Dowls. At the end of walking I saw a big blue thing we went throgh it. Everything was blue. We were going to enter a big oshen it is very bright green with a star in the middel. We went to the middel of the star and drownded it is like a labitory down here. We are going to do somthing on a computer we are going to do sherch about the Dowl. He is littel bit like a bat but it can fly. They eat bugs and it can change colers it lives in the forest. There pederder are tigers. I better keep the Dowels safe. I now were I can keep them in my adic that a safe please. Let get out of here. Marc tell the ather Dowls to come with me ok, ok. We are in my naberhood. Let me and Marc get stuff I’m done and you and the other Dowls can come in my adic. I will treat the Dowls like my kids it lunch time. What are we having for today I said bread core and water thats Marc said. I love you Marc me to!! The End.



May 4 @ 6:00pm

Stegusorus Rapter – Nathan Streitenberger  – 1st Grade – Columbus Prep Academy

Stegusoris rapter is a dinosur. Its dna is mixed with rapter and it is a beast. It scrachis and taers and fights stuff. Nuthing can take it down. It bites throw its pray and likes to play with other rapters and it likes to kick balls. It has good sence of smell and good sence of sight. Knows whats dangoris and knows whats good. It can almost eat anything. It knows anything and is comeing for it or prey is neat by. If something get in its eyes and it cant see it can sence where it is going and where food is. It can run really fast and jump really high. It is really stroug and can lift a building over its head. It can lift a te-rex over its head too. He can almost do anything sept spit posion and eat posion ivy. He is an anazing cretur he can do lots of things like jumping really high and runing really fast. Let me tell more abot this cretuer he and her babys dont have all the stuff I told you untell they are twenty wich is kind of old but they will run really fast when they are therty. Their age to die is twohundrid the oldest one was threethousin. They lived in the jrassic. The biggest one is the king.