• Custom Commissions

    Glass Axis offers custom glass art commissions and glass art repair services.  Our experienced artists and restoration specialists will consult with you to determine what would required for your item.  Each individual situation is different, so contact us to schedule an appointment.

    Custom Trophy

    Custom Trophy

    Typical custom and repair pricing is:

    • Blown: $250/hour, $120/hour if a part of our existing product line
    • Stained: $60/hour
    • Cutting, polishing, gluing: $60/hour
    • Casting: $120/hour
    • Fusing: $100/hour

    Most custom commissions require a 2 hour minimum, repairs 1 hour minimum. A 50% deposit is required for work to begin.




    An example of one our repairs.  The top picture are the pieces of a shattered piece.  This clown’s days of hanging out by the street light were prematurely shortened.

    Street Clown is Sad

    Sad Broken Clown

    However, after visiting Glass Axis (and I’m sure a little therapy), this clown is back by his street light and as happy as can be.

    Happy Repaired Clown

    Happy Repaired Clown