• Cultural Arts Center: Wood, clay, glass and more used to form intriguing shapes

    By Melissa StarkerFor The Columbus Dispatch  •  Saturday December 6, 2014 11:56 AM


    Devon Palmer is devoted to the art of wood turning, an ancient technique of crafting vessels on a lathe.

    Yet, in his interactions with other Columbus artists, he found common threads between the woodwork he creates and the products of ceramists and glass blowers.

    “We all speak a common language of mouths, shoulders and lips,” he said, referring to terms used by artists across mediums to describe the shapes of vessel openings.

    “Hollow Forms: The Space Within,” on display in the Cultural Arts Center, was curated by Palmer and juried by ceramic artist Eric Rausch and Rex Brown, executive director of Glass Axis. The show draws together an impressive assortment of contained vessels in wood, clay, glass and other mediums.

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