Columbus Volunteer Day|Repair the Floors & Potluck !!

Support Glass Axis this year during the
2016 ColumbUS Volunteer Day Challenge!
Saturday | September 10th | 10am-4pm

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This job is the Pits! Come help us repair the original building floors of Glass Axis by filling the pits with floor spackle and then seal them! Plus enjoy the Member Potluck!

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Glass Axis: This Job is the Pits

Saturday, September 10th, 10am-4pm

Columbus, OH

Glass Axis is located on top of the site of an old Columbus trolley track. Over time, the floor has acquired many pits and holes. We need help cleaning our studio flooring and filling the pits. After the sparkle in the pits dries, the floor will also need to have a layer of sealant rolled over it, to finish the job and permanently seal the floors.
Repairing and sealing the floors will greatly benefit both visitors and Glass Axis alike. Currently, with the floors deteriorating, notably it is a costly problem to have but it is almost impossible to keep the floors clean. They are extremely porous from years of wear and tear so all dust and dirt particles get absorbed into the floor. This is not only an issue because it is impossible to keep the floors clean for guests but it is also potentially dangerous for the employees. Powdered glass and other materials used in the studio is dangerous to breathe and can cause lung damage that can lead to cancer. The floor being so porous, absorbs all those particulates and without being able to get cleaned, keep those harmful materials present. Therefore this project and mission is very important to us.
However, with such a large floor to cover it seemed like an impossible task to do with only our 5 staff members, but with your help we believe we can accomplish our goal!
There will a break for volunteers when you can check out the glass in our gift shop & gallery and enjoy a potluck meal!
There are also other volunteer job options such as painting the trim or general cleaning.

Get Involved and Have Fun! 

Member Potluck! 

Help support your studio by taking part in our Volunteer Day Challenge but also have fun with your fellow Glass Axis members and new friends!
We want to have a pot luck to coincide with this event so everyone can take a break from helping repair the floors and enjoy taste food together! Bring a dish to share or something we can cook on our grill!


Free parking is available at Glass Axis. Enter on 156 S. Grubb Street (the other streets are one way only) and look for our parking lot on the left.


Volunteers can bring in their own food or pay to have food delivered to the studio, or take part in our potluck by bringing a dish to share!

Dress & Helpful Info

Whatever the weather is outside, is what it will be inside as we do not have AC, so wear whatever you’re most comfortable in and don’t mind it getting dirty.
You also may be kneeling when patching floors, so if you have knee pads or a kneeling pad, you may want to bring it.
Any questions?
Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call 614-291-4250

Wish List

As a nonprofit, we are always need of basic household items such as: Toilet paper, Paper towels, Glass cleaner, Bathroom cleaners, Water bottles, White paint, popsicles. Any donations are greatly appreciated.