• Executive Summary of Substantial Changes to Code of Regulation

    May 2015

    The Board of Directors is proposing the repeal and replacement of the existing Code of Regulations.  The reason for this change is to ensure the effective and successful functioning of Glass Axis now and into the future.  These changes are designed to better align the Board with the mission and vision of Glass Axis and better support the Executive Director and Staff in serving you, the members, as well as our guests from Columbus and beyond.   Below are the highlights of the changes:

    1.  Aligns Code of Regulation with other documents to read Board of Trustees.  Current Board documentation refers to a Board of Directors and Board of Trustees:  The Board determined that trustee provided a better description of the role of the members of the board and their fiduciary duty to the organization.

    2.  Requires glass artists to be on the board.  Currently, there is no requirement that any Glass Artists serve on the Board. The proposed update states there are at least three seats on the Board reserved for Glass Artists.

    3.  Updates the Board to a self-perpetuating model.  The Board will follow a detailed process in replacing Board members to ensure representation of individuals with a variety of skill sets.  Focusing on particular skill sets will help the Board focus on the administration, support and growth of the organization. This proposed model is the structure followed by the Pittsburgh Glass Center and many other non-profit organizations.

    4.  Ensuring continuity of Board leadership:  The new Code changes to a president elect/president/past president model from a model with a president and vice president that serve one year renewable terms.  The new model will provide individuals with the opportunity to serve in various leadership roles with a consistent opportunity to develop new leaders while retaining expertise.  This change will ensure continuity in leadership as well as providing new ideas.

    5.  Defines primary Board committees.  Currently, there is no definition of Board committees.  The new code clarifies the primary committees of the Board:  Executive Committee, Development, Governance and Fiscal.  This structure will better focus the efforts of the Board members in supporting and expanding the reach of Glass Axis and supporting the staff who manage the day-to-day operations.  The Board members will be best used in providing services around the financial aspects of the organization and focusing efforts in the areas where the Board provide the most necessary support.