• Chinese Valentine’s Day – Heart Making Workshops

    Celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese calendar-August 20th on the Julian calendar, Chinese Valentine’s Day celebrates the annual meeting of the mythological cowherd and weaver girl, who, after falling in love, were banished to separate sides of the Milky Way, never to see each other again. Each year, it is said that a flock of magpies takes pity on them and form a bridge across the Milky Way, allowing them to see each other for one day. Join us here at Glass Axis as we honor this two-thousand year old tradition with heart-shaped paper weights for you and your own love.

    Come bring your special someone to Glass Axis and celebrate by making a glass heart paperweight. Workshops will run from 6-8pm and cost $69.00 per heart, so make your own heart or create one together. Reserve your spot now!

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