• Carson Wedlake: Details from a Diffuse Reflection


    On view May 8 through 24, 2014

    Glass Axis is pleased to present Carson Wedlake as the second part of our Student & Recent Graduate Showcase exhibition, with his new installation “Details From A Defuse Reflection.”

    Wedlake is interested in light, architecture, and a physical interaction with artwork. Here he creates a natural wood archway with a fused cane glass skylight. People are invited to walk though the archway, around the archway, and lay underneath to see how the glowing defused light. With a nod to artist James Turrell, the framed glass transform to becomes a framed artwork made of light.

    Carson Wedlake is a process based artist that is interested in the optics, strength, and tension found in the glass medium. His work explores architecture, spatial relationships, and light.

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