Fashion Call for Glass Fashion Show on March 4th

Wearable Art for Glassquerade’s Glass Fashion Show: Back to the 80’s

This year’s Glassquerade is Back to the 80’s as it celebrates Glass Axis’s 30th Birthday which was founded in 1987! That means, this year’s fashion show will be 80’s themed so start planning your totally rad designs today! We will be offering free studio days to help you  while using our facilities to create your designs.

The fashion show is always the highlight of the evening and being part of the fashion show gives you free entry to the event. We will also be providing you or your model with professional hair and makeup thanks to the Aveda Institute Columbus. We also have an airbrush makeup and special effects artist that can do simple to extravagant designs to complete your day-of look.

Pieces for the Glass Fashion Show need to contain glass, but do not need to be 100% glass. Glass may be hand-created,  recycled such as bottles, or purchased such as beads and mirrors. Glass comes in a variety of forms and we want to see what you can do with it. It is FREE to participate. In addition, if you are a fashion designer and are interested in being paired with one of our glass artists to collaborate with, that is available as well.

To add your name to the Glassquerade: Glass Fashion Fashion list email [email protected]

See examples from past Glassquerade Glass Fashion Shows below.