• Annual Review – 2015

    Glass Axis Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2015

    What a year!  We finished the herculean task of moving all of our equipment and supplies from Grandview to Franklinton.  We hit the ground running and our numbers tell the story:

    From our annual audit report (click here for the full report):

    Total Income$566,004
    Program Expenses$360,819
    Fundraising Expenses$    9,989
    Administrative Expenses$  50,061
    Total End of Year Net Assets$253,961

    For those of you who REALLY like numbers, our IRS Form 990 is available for your reading pleasure.

    Just a few things to brag about:

    • Almost 1/4 of our program expenses are payments directly to glass artists.
    • Class revenue increased 6% (despite being closed for the relocation for two months).
    • Volunteers contributed over 2000 hours of their time to help us accomplish our goals.

    Check out this info-graphic for some of our other accomplishments.