• An Eventful Week

    The past couple of weeks have been filled with events and it’s been keeping us positively busy.

    If you haven’t been following us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, then you probably don’t know that we’ll be moving in the fall. We had the opening of our farewell exhibition, aptly named Goodbye Grandview on Thursday. But don’t worry – even if you missed the opening reception, the show is on view here in our Kennedy Galleries until late August. The exhibition consists of pieces from multiple member artists so there’s a good variety of styles. One of my favorites is a vase by Jim Lehnert titled Zebra. There is something arresting about the shape of it; its body is wider from the front than it is thin from the sides and the heavy bottom curves elegantly to a long skinny neck. However, this elegant and classic shape is juxtaposed by the loose, organic patterns. It looks like flowing black liquid dripping down white flower petals. Or white almonds. The grays on it also make me think of black spray paint lightly applied onto a white surface. Jim also has two other pieces in our show, both of which have similar qualities to Zebra.

    Jim Lehnert, Zebra, 2014

    Jim Lehnert, Zebra, 2014

    The annual Columbus Arts Festival has just wrapped up. We had Glass Axis artists and representatives who had graciously volunteered their time to host a booth at the festival. Our Executive Director, Rex Brown, and Facilities Manager, Shawn Everette, were there making beads with the lovely people of Columbus. We also had glass artists selling some of their work there. If you happened to stop by hopefully you said hi to the Glass Axis members!

    This coming Tuesday is an exciting day for us because we will be having our Groundbreaking Ceremony to celebrate the start of construction at our new space. We will be joined by Mayor Coleman who will speak about the growth of the Franklinton area and our part in it. Rex Brown will also be there to deliver a few words, especially about the new facilities and services we will offer. The new studio, which used to be an old factory, will be located at 610 W. Town St. I visited it a few weeks ago and I think the best parts are the skylights – which they will hopefully keep – and a sort of conveyor belt hooked to the ceiling. They add a neat touch that hints to the history of the building.

    IMG_9009EIMG_9011Keep in touch to hear about new events! It’s an exciting time as we go through a transitioning phase and we’d love it if you joined us through the journey.

    — qisha kendy.

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