• A 30 Year Love Affair with Glass

    Peek into the collection of one of our founding members:  James L. Kennedy.  He has graciously offered to loan Glass Axis select items from his collection for your viewing pleasure.  It will be unveiled on Jan 12th at the opening at 6:00pm.

    Jim Kennedy – A 30 Year Love Affair with Glass

    James Lehr Kennedy has been working in glass for more than 30 years, not as a professional artist, but as a serious hobbyist. He works with glass for his own satisfaction, for charity and as gifts. His own inspiration has led him to push the limits of glass and glass color as well as a variety of blown glass forms.

    Jim is an informal graduate of the Ohio State University’s glass program, studying under Richard Harned. For the past 12 years he has worked in glass with Dawson Kellogg, head of Columbus College of Art and Design’s glass program. Dawson helped Jim refine his skills and to work on several large scale projects.

    This exhibition will trace his work from novice to a creative artist in his own right. Kennedy’s more recent designs are so unique that they have received U.S. Government patents.

    His work spans from traditional vessels with complex color designs, to sculptural forms to The Crystal Tower, a 12,000 pound assemblage of glass 18 feet tall made up of 380 blown glass “Crystals”.

    The Crystal Tower formally located at 750 Communications Parkway in Columbus will be relocated to the atrium of the Ohio Northern University Engineering Building. The exhibition will feature videos of the construction of the tower as well as photographs of its construction and inspiration.

    Jim is a founding member of the Glass Axis. He also owns Crystal Remembrance, a glass studio on Third Avenue creating unique glass memorials of people and pets.


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