2015 Glass Axis Demonstrations & Special Workshops

In 2015, we had our grand re-opening of our new location for Glass Axis. We have had a lot of artists from around Columbus and all artists from other parts of the country come to our studio to do a variety of demonstrations and teach workshops for the public. These artists have done glass blowing demos, flameworking demos and also hot casting demos. Along with the demonstrations, there were workshops that taught stained glass and flame working. Below is a list of all the artists who did demonstrations and workshops at Glass Axis in 2015.


Bill Gudenrath | Venetian Glassblowing

Jacci Delaney | Hot casting

Ian Schmidt | Glassblowing

Eric Hernandez | Glass Sculptor

Julian Maturino assisted by Shahid Kahn | Glassblowing

Alex Fresch | Boro Flameworking

Shawn Everette | Boro Flameworking

Roberta Pyle | Stained Glass

Nancy Callan | Glassblowing

Jeremy Burdge | Flameworking

Chris Harman | Glassblowing


If you are interested in giving demonstrations or teaching workshops at Glass Axis in 2016/2017, contact Erinn at [email protected]



Nancy Callan doing a glassblowing demo.chris1_web

Chris Harman doing a glassblowing demo.


Jeremy Burdge pulling cane for his flameworking workshop.