Jeremy Burdge Visiting Artist Workshop


Nov.14 & 15, 2015

This past weekend Glass Axis hosted a local glass artist, Jeremy Burdge, to teach a combined glassmaking techniques workshop. Jeremy specializes in blowing glass, flame working, and fusing glass. His 2-day class focused mainly on flame working cane that he pulled in the hot shop. He taught the students how to pull cane in the hot shop and then how to heat up the cane to manipulate its shape on a torch. He taught the students how to heat the cane on the torch and manipulate it to replicate flower petals and leaves. The petals and leaves were then carefully placed into intricate designs on a sheet of glass and fused together in the kilns. Jeremy also explained the step-by-step process of fusing the glass flower designs in a kiln to create beautiful glass art.


Flame worked cane before the fusing process

Picture taken by Kelsey Peterson

Jeremy Burdge is a full time plastic surgeon and a part time glass artist. He has been blowing glass in his at-home studio for 15 years now. His specialty is glass blown goblets and sculpting glass on the torch. He also enjoys helping others become as addicted to glass as he is.


Jeremy doing a cane pulling demo

Picture taken by Kelsey Peterson

Jeremy will be teaching a lamp, kiln and furnace-worked glass course at Corning Museum of Glass in February 2016.