April 4, 2014
Goodbye Grandview: A Glass Axis Member Exhibition
On view June 5 through August 16, 2014
 Application deadline: Sunday, May 4.
Glass Axis is looking for members to submit to the Farewell Exhibition, Goodbye Grandview, which opens June 5, 2014.
This will be the last exhibition in our current space. It will showcase members that have been with Glass Axis for years, as well as new faces. We would love to see how your work has evolved during your time at Glass Axis. Please submit work from the past as well as present. Because this exhibition is so personal to our members, please include a brief summary of your experiences, memories, or involvement at Glass Axis over the years.
This show will be a time for us to celebrate the amazing memories we have had in Grandview as well as looking forward to new experiences at 610 W. Town St.
Please send the following to by Sunday, May 4:
Up to FOUR images (jpeg)
Summary of your time at Glass Axis (how long you've been involved, how you got involved, specific memories, experiences, etc.)
Bio Contact info: current phone number, address, email address, website
Important Dates
Submission deadline: Sunday, May 4
Artists notified: May 9
Selected artwork drop-off: Friday, May 30
Opening reception: Thursday, June 5, 6-8pm
Artwork pick-up: August 20-23 (this date subject to change due to relocation considerations)
April 4, 2014

Saturday | April 26 | 4-6pm

Every last Saturday of the month Glass Axis presents free demonstrations. Watch as an artist makes their personal best. This in-depth demonstration shows the step-by-step process and finesse of creating glass art. In April, we feature Molly Burke. Watch as Molly combines blown glass with hot sculpted bits. She will be using molds to blow into, as well as non-traditional bit-making techniques. 
About Molly Burke
Molly J. Burke is a glass and installation artist who lives and works in Columbus, OH. Burke received her MFA from The Ohio State University in Glass in 2009, and currently is the Assistant Director for Graduate Studies at Columbus College of Art & Design. Burke is interested in the observation of details and the repetition that occurs in our environment, specifically focusing on cellular structures, growth systems, and insectaries. She creates artwork that magnifies that circumstance. Burke’s work has shown her work throughout the U.S. and the U.K.
April 4, 2014
Kelsey Finnie Spontaneous Actions: Doodles in Glass
On view April 10 through 26, 2014
Glass Axis welcomes Kelsey Finnie, the first in our Student & Graduate Showcase series. She is a 2013 Ohio State University graduate.
Kelsey explores the use of glass cane, which is traditionally used as a surface decoration in vessels, to draw through space. Finnie's free form cane doodling leaves the margins of her notebook to create an all encompassing experience of walking through a drawing.
"Doodles are spontaneous in action. The thought is about bringing doodles to life and in the present. I don't have a plan when bending and shaping them and even setting them up; it's a very spontaneous and organic experience and form."
Finnie is currently a Teaching Assistant at Ohio State University and an Instructor at Glass Axis.
Stay tuned for the next artist in our Student & Graduate Showcase series, OSU student Carson Wedlake, whose work will be on view May 8 through 24.
"Carsons Wedlake is a process based artist that is interested in the optics, strength, and tension found in the glass medium. His work explores architecture, spatial relationships, and light."
April 4, 2014
Please consider donating to our fundraiser. is "a way to mobilize and empower individual donors while giving non-profit organizations located in Franklin County the ability to raise additional funds for their arts and culture projects." This is an ongoing fundraiser until our goal of $6,666 is reached. Please click here to donate to our project!
About this Project
Imagine the look on a group of high school student’s faces as they watch an experienced glass blower create a vase right in front of them. What a thrill it would be for the more adventurous students to learn how to blow a glass ornament! These experiences can be life changing and open up whole new worlds for these students. Glass Axis coordinates efforts with the local school systems and colleges to ensure that interested individuals can have the opportunity to learn and appreciate the glass making experience.

Glass Axis is a non-profit glass studio that offers demonstrations and hands-on classes to members of our community. We offer a special focus on people with disabilities, low-income youth, and recent or soon to be graduates. Our community also includes artists that work in glass, from professional to emerging artists, hobbyist and weekend art-warriors, students or first-timers. This depth of talent allows us to offer an experience to students that they may not be afforded through any other venue.

You can help this cause by donating to our next purchase of our most basic material:  Glass.  

A shipment of 6,000 pounds of glass will cost $6,000. Including the power2give administrative processing fee of $666 increases that need to $6,666. This purchase will allow us to run our program for the next quarter of the year. This includes over 60 courses that will have an impact on approximately 186 students. This also includes almost twenty demonstrations that will be viewed by over 270 students.

Donor Benefits:
Pledge $1 or more
: Receive the knowledge that a grateful art studio couldn't do this without you.
Pledge $10 or more: The above reward and a special one of a kind posting on our social networking pages.
Pledge $25 or more: The previous awards, plus a thank you note from one of our local artists.
Pledge $50 or more: You'll get recognition on our social networking sites and a personal thank you note from the Executive Director of Glass Axis.
Pledge $100 or more: Each award listed above and your name will find a special place on our website.
Pledge $500 or more: Each award listed above and a thank you note marked with a one of a kind glass stamp. You will enjoy this unique thank you note (even more so, if the paper holds up to the 2000 degree glass).
Pledge $1000 or more: Each award listed above and the added bonus of being invited to participate in the creation of the glass stamp used in the custom thank you note. And the additional treat of your name listed on the donor wall at the Glass Axis gallery.

March 14, 2014

Saturday | March 29 | 4-6pm

Every last Saturday of the month Glass Axis presents free demonstrations. Watch as an artist makes their personal best. This in-depth demonstration shows the step-by-step process and finesse of creating glass art. In March, we feature Emlyn Strzempka
Emlyn's Artist Statement
"My current body of work, 'Looking for Love in the All Wrong Places,' is based off of sketches and drawings that I translate into glass objects. It includes my spunky and carefree personality but the purpose of creating the pieces has had a deeper meaning. Each piece has been part of a coping mechanism for my love life throughout my '20 something' stage of life. The graphic and blatant subject matter tells the story of loves lost in different situations, but expressed from an animalistic point of view. I see myself as one of these silly creatures, getting caught up in yet another frivolous yet heart-breaking relationship."
About Emlyn

Emlyn started blowing glass in 2010 at Bowling Green State University, where she later graduated with her BFA in glass and metalsmithing.In 2013, she was offered the technician apprenticeship at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, where she really began developing her hot sculpting aesthetic. 

She currently works at the Glass Center as an instructor. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Middle West, including the Toledo Museum of Art.




March 12, 2014
Glass Sale and Workshops
May 2, 3 & 4 | 2014
Friday: Noon to 7pm | Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 4pm
Join us for a fun-filled family weekend of shopping and glass making! Our 7th Annual Spring Sale is just in time for Mother’s Day, so stop by to find the perfect gift or bring in the whole family for an art-making workshop.
Give the gift of handmade glass art created by Ohio’s premier artists (or keep it for yourself!). Hundreds of glass art pieces are on sale, ranging from blown glass vessels to exquisite jewelry. You’ll find colorful glass flowers, unique sculptures, stained glass mantel pieces, funky kitchen accents and more, many at discounted prices.
As always, our talented artists offer glass-making workshops for both adults and children. This a great opportunity to make something for Mom or even bring her in to try her hand at glass-making. Workshops run 2-6pm on Friday and 11am-3pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Pulled glass flower: Ages 12+. Create a colorful glass flower out of molten glass. $45/flower
Torchworked bead: Ages 6+. Use smaller torches to heat and form glass into colorful beads. $25/bead
All are first-come first served; no reservation required. If you would like to take a class at another time, please visit our calendar for more info. Gift certificates are also available.


March 8, 2014
Saturday, March 8 | 7pm-1am
Glass Axis, a vibrant glass art center dedicated to making and learning, would like to invite you join us March 8th for Glassquerade, a Mardi Gras celebration fundraiser.

The day will start with all ages glass workshops. At 4pm we will begin workshops for making Mardi Gras beads for $29; Mosaic Mardi Gras masks for $55; and a Hot Glass Voodoo Doll for $45.  At 8 pm our formal fundraiser will begin featuring exciting glassblowing demonstrations and performances, live music and dancing. Ticket prices include appetizers and refreshments. A cash bar will be open all night. The highlight of the evening will be a high energy glass fashion show. Proceeds from the event will be used towards the upcoming move to our new facility in the Franklinton neighborhood.

Enjoy an evening of entertainment by your local glass artists while supporting Glass Axis, a unique resource in our community. Tickets will be available for pre-purchase on Eventbrite or at the door. General admission is $20, VIP admission is $50 & will include an impressive swag bag.
Come dressed to impress – costumes are encouraged!

Call For Participation
Glass Fashion Show
The highlight of the evening will be our glass fashion show. Please email Kami Westhoff at right away if you would like to participate so we have an approximate count. We will have glass costume work days in the warm shop, where assistance and some materials will be available. Work days will be offered:
Thursdays: 6-8pm
Sundays: 1-3pm
Interested in being a volunteer? Please fill out our online form. We will need volunteers to work the event, in addition to promoting the event and creating signage.
Working the event could include:
  • cleaning
  • decorating
  • working the door
  • working in the gallery
  • bartending
  • running workshops in the hot shop making voodoo dolls
  • running workshops in the warm shop making beads and/or mosaic masks


Our gallery space will be devoted to a regional glass exhibition. The exhibition is to learn, show, and build a dialogue with other hot shops in our region. If you would like to submit work for the exhibition, please submit the online application by February 17.

Tickets can be purchased online through our Eventbrite page.
General Admission: $20 + fee
VIP: $50 + fee

More Info

If you would like support Glass Axis but cannot attend the event, please click here to donate!

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions, please email with "Glassquerade" as the subject.

Thank you to our gracious supporters!


March 7, 2014
On display March 8 through 29
Glass Axis welcome artists from Superior Hot Glass, Gathered Art Gallery & Studios, Michigan Hot Glass, Braze, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and Glass Axis. People of Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Columbus have all seen a revitalization within their cities for over a decade now, and the Glass Centers have become more and more vital to the city’s arts, local culture, community partnership, and education.
Superior Hot Glass creates fun and exciting glass blowing events to benefit charities and collaborate with local businesses. Gathered Art Galley & Studio is an energetic young crew that physically restored a 120+ year old building to create and share amazing art in Toledo. Brazee runs completely solar energy and houses a glass school, gallery, and studios. Pittsburgh Glass Center is one of the top glass centers in the world bringing leading international glass artists together with regional artists and students to learn and educate. Michigan Hot Glass shares its home with hundreds of artists in a 2.2 million sq. ft. space designed by Albert Khan, that once built car parts at the turn of the 20th century and airplane parts during WWII. Finally Glass Axis, which collaborates with a many non-profits and spent 20 years in various locations throughout Columbus bringing together our diverse community through glass. By summer, we will be embarking on another important move to our new location at 610 West Town Street, which we hope to add even more energy to the exciting dialogue in Franklinton Arts neighborhood.
While the art centers are all hundreds of miles from each other, similar ideas and curiosities seem to emerge. In this exhibit, we see work that invites us to reflect on the organic world from algae to cosmos, the body, the funny and mundane, the container and the contained, and everyone’s favorite: the cube.
We have huge heavy steel and glass sculptures from the industrial hub of Detroit, absurd yet refined pieces from Pittsburgh, punky and organic pieces from Cleveland, gestural and painterly out of Columbus, thoughtful and playful out of Toledo, and gentle the ugly/beauty from Cincinnati.
In this exhibition we see the diverse and creative thinkers making up these amazing glass centers. As artists we need to continue to share our questions, show our thoughts, and support our passions. There is so much to learn from the artists at these centers and Glass Axis hopes to continue to keep this conversation going.



February 27, 2014
IMAGINARY TOYS: A Glass Axis Juried Exhibition
On View: December 5, 2013 – February 27, 2014
In the spirit of the Holiday Season and the joyous feeling children get when they see the sparkle of a new toy, the year-end Glass Axis exhibit plays with the concept of imagination: playing, creating, learning and visualizing. Toys have always been an important part of being human, whether using found objects from nature or the elaborate technological toys of today. Some toys have been an important part of growing up for centuries. Archeological sites of all the major civilizations have revealed a variety of toys that children even now continue to enjoy, such as dolls, animals, whistles and even yo-yos. Of course, there are games that historians have discovered in all societies, which not only help to develop formal interactions between individuals, but also to explore expression and imagination. Today, we know the importance of toys for children in learning both physical and mental skills. Infant toys often focus on bright colors, recognition of shapes, sounds and different textures. Toys as a means for social development have led to conversations about questions of gender, cultural roles, age appropriate subjects, and even violent imagery. Philosophers and social critics discuss issues of ethical and cultural narratives, regarding how children are taught to adapt to what a society designates as appropriate interaction and belief systems.
Philosopher and theologian, James Carse, wrote a book called Finite and Infinite Games. He defines games as “Finite” as those with specific end goals and rules as boundaries to play within. Many games tend to be this way, like baseball, football, or Monopoly. The goal of these games is to have winners and losers. He carries this thinking further into social, economic, and political situations where the goal is for one individual or group to win. Carse suggests that the most rewarding games are “Infinite”. These games are played with the goal not to have a specific end, nor to result in losers. Think of children that find ways to keep extending a game, because they do not want it to end or for someone to lose. Imagine in our everyday interactions, and the “games we play”, when the goal is not to win over someone, group, or country: The goal is to keep playing.
About Jury
Jury for selection of submission will be performed by the Exhibition Committee, which consists of the following Glass Axis Board Members: Todd Koenig, Linda Diec, Renee Stanko, and Glenn Roulette. Information about each can be found here.
February 22, 2014
Saturday | February 22 | 4-6pm
Every last Saturday of the month Glass Axis presents free demonstrations. Watch as an artist makes their personal best. This in-depth demonstration shows the step-by-step process and finesse of creating glass art. In Februrary, we feature Victoria Ahmadizadeh. Ahmadizadeh will construct a glass interpretation of a “rat king” in the hot shop. A rat king is a cluster of mice whose tails have become intertwined, causing the mice to coexist and grow together for the rest of their lives. The phenomena is regarded as a bad omen, and in medieval times it was believed that a rat king was a single creature with many bodies. Overall, Ahmadizadeh is interested in our relationship with rats – small, intelligent creatures that are loathed as domestic intruders, coveted as pets, used widely for scientific research and referenced in pop culture as both adorable and fearsome.
About Victoria Ahmadizadeh 
Victoria Ahmadizadeh is a sculptor who creates narratives examining paradox in society and individual identity. She draws inspiration from a myriad of places, such as her Persian and Hispanic family heritage, interest in fashion's link to culture, and formal training as a painter, glass artist and ceramicist.
Ahmadizadeh is from the Philadelphia region and holds a BFA in Glass from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, 2010. She was recently an intern for the John Michael Kohler Art Center’s Arts/Industry residency program, WI, where she assisted residents of the Kohler Co. Pottery. Ahmadizadeh was a member of The Clay Studio’s Work Exchange, PA, from 2010-2012. She has traveled to Penland School of Crafts, NC and The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass, NY to participate as a scholarship student. Ahmadizadeh has also been a summer staff member and artist assistant at Pilchuck Glass School, WA. She currently resides in Columbus, OH where she is a visiting scholar and artist assistant at The Ohio State University. Ahmadizadeh’s work is notably included in issue #33 of The Corning Museum of Glass New Glass Review.