Start: Stop: Start

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 11 from 6 to 8 pm
End-of-the-World Party: Friday, December 21, Starting at 8pm
Closing Reception and Voter’s Choice Awards Ceremony: Thursday, January 3 from 6 to 8pm
Start: Stop: Start uses the 2012 End-of-the-World Phenomenon as an excuse to explore cycles in glass making, in our collective consciousness, and elsewhere.
Selected Artists:
Jacci Delaney 
Linda Diec 
David King
Kat Marie Moya
Nate Ricciuto
Renee Stanko
Kami Westhoff
Dennis Walker
Our fascination with doomsday has entertained and plagued our collective consciousness since the beginning of observable history, and with the end times fantasy comes our inevitable obsession with the new times, the beginnings, the survivors.  In the past decade, anticipation has grown as a 5,125 year long section of the Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar—a.k.a. the Mayan Calendar—ticks down its own minutes to midnight.  The date, December 21st, 2012, has generated its own mythos of speculation: theories of rogue planets and geomagnetic reversals abound in the fanatic fringe, and mainstream culture has churned out countless examples of doomsday-centric media including Hollywood blockbusters, critically acclaimed T.V. shows, websites, books, Discovery Channel documentaries, Youtube videos, you name it. We may not all believe it, but we like it. We are a species infatuated with ideas of the end and of the beginning. It is as if the opportunity for apocalyptic renewal enables our imagination to endure our inevitable death. 
The techniques and process of glassworking are rife with apocalyptic imagery. The extreme conditions needed to turn sand and ash into the honey of molten glass are accompanied by the roar of combustion and the bright orange glow reminiscent of a volcano crater. The glass at the end of the gaffer’s pipe is caught up in a dance with its partner artist: the artist sculpts, molds, and alters the glass for brief moments before it is whisked off to be reheated, all the while being turned and turned and turned over again to counteract the pervasive pull of gravity.  The process continues, repeating the steps: form, heat, and form again, until the piece is complete.  An undercurrent of destruction is always lurking with the knowledge that most glass eventually breaks, betraying the fragile nature of this beautiful material. Artists must prepare themselves for the inevitable destruction of the fruits of their labor; in some it evokes a stoic wonder, in others, an apoplectic rage.  As laborious as the creation is, ruin will inevitably follow, and the artist must start anew, perpetuating the cycle of devastation and renewal.

This fall and winter,
 Start: Stop: Start explores the 2012 Phenomenon with a showcase of inspired artworks and events. Join us as we celebrate our complicated and macabre interest in our own downfall; after all, this may be the last chance you get.
About the Jurors
Tim Lai Architect. Tim’s firm was the mastermind behind the Kennedy Galleries at Glass Axis renovation last year. He worked closely with the Axis board, staff, and committees to make our ideas manifest. We are thrilled to bring his firm back to Axis to Jury this important exhibition.

Tim Lai is a licensed architect (State of Ohio) with 10 years of professional experience. Since 2001, he has lead or been part of various commercial, institutional and health care projects. Born in Hong Kong, Tim graduated from the University of Hong Kong and moved to the Los Angeles in 1998 to pursue his graduate study in SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). He has since been living in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and two children.
Practice Profile
Experienced in a variety of building types, we focus on commercial projects and specialize in retail design. We work with businesses and organizations that are expanding and have needs to renovate their existing spaces, or move to larger spaces, or open additional locations. Many of our clients are independently owned businesses and it is our mission to fulfill their unique spatial needs as their businesses grow. We support our clients as they invest in local communities. Thinking in our clients’ best interest, we strive for efficient design solutions that can be achieved on time and on budget.
Curated by Eva Ball